Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quiet and Fascinating Bira Beach

One of the best beach I've ever visit. I've been there four times, the first I was visiting the public beach of Bira which is full of crowd... The second was a runaway vacation with just three of my friends and my first time visiting the other side of Bira (the quiet one), the third was when we (the four of us before) brought more friends here, and the third was the 2013 new years eve. Located at Bulukumba, South Sulawesi and took for about 4 hours from Makassar by car. Try to get to the other side of Bira where the Bara Beach Cottage and Mangga Lodge lied. Quiet place to escape, only you, coconut trees, blue sea, and white sands... This is some pics that I've take at the quiet side of Bira beach, enjoy =)

Beautiful isn't it... So quiet, it's like this beach is all yours. Also you can do snorkeling, diving, or swimming with sea turtles on the island opposite. I hope you have the time to visit and put Bira as one of your next holiday destination. XO

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